2 min readMay 14, 2021

The Real Dream

This blog is not about my imagination but dimension of life that I am not fond of.

Dreams are the most beautiful part of life for me. You do not have any restrictions or limitations, you can dream anything for yourself. Remember your childhood. The time when you wanted to become an astronaut in morning and a pilot by evening. The time when dreams were innocent enough to change by hour of the day. And the we grew up.

The arrival of real competition with different subjects. I, in particular, am not a big fan of education system. I do not understand why I have to study subjects that I do not like. And why do I need to get a degree to pursue my career. I have seen people regretting that they didn’t pursue their dreams. Reasons: parental pressure or their own stupidity.

In most cases, parental pressure is the main reason. I’m not blaming anyone but is a broach topic. It is annoying when students are burdened with academic courses knowing they have different interests.

According to a RTI report, in recent years, the number of suicides in IITs were enough to raise concerns. I think we lack curiosity by the time we complete our high school. In most cases our curiosity and growth is haunted by competition and lack of correspondence in school. Imagine if Magnus Carlsen (current chess rank no 1) had a normal childhood like others. If his father wasn’t considerate of his talent and interest in chess. Maybe then he would have been pursuing his degree.

All in all, the thing is do not ever give up on your dreams. Do not care what it takes to achieve it, just don’t give up. And parents, please listen to your child. Don’t pressurize him/her with your dreams, with your regrets, with your failure. And its totally okay if s/he is not following societal norms. Lastly, as a society we need to become more considerate to see the birth of another genius. All your dream requires is support and a little appreciation. Signing off!


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