1 min readApr 30, 2021

The Imaginative Sqaure Board

Well Well Well, welcome to my world. My first blog is about the most creative and perhaps the only indoor game I enjoy playing. A board game where pieces can move in more than a million combinations. Yes you guessed it right im talking about chess. The point to be glared upon is the top professionals of the game find it difficult. There are instances and games where the current world champion Magnus Carlsen has been defeated ruthlessly.

Over the past few months, while studying chess it has become more of a metaphor for maturity for me. I tend into a habit of analyzing and calculating the situations. There are times where you need to take 'blitz' decisions or sometimes 'rapid' decisions. But the main ones are always the 'classical' decisions which you need to ponder upon and then make your move.
I agree that I might not always make the right decision but the consolidating factor is I took all my options into consideration. And there’s always an option to learn. Considering my situation where my brain has almost become lame ie no imagination. Playing the pieces and calculating the moves has for sure enabled my imagination to a new dimension.

Many players won’t accept but you can actually see the pieces moving on ceiling like shown in Queen’s Gambit. All together, I prefer chess over any other game at any moment. The progress I’ve seen in myself and the adrenaline it gives it during a winning position is unmatched.


A Student aspiring to teach, understand and analyze things with a different perspectives. Welcome to my world where anything is possible (reality).