The CLASS 10 B

So this was the year where the rowdy students and the so called bright students merged into one. Like we had class 9th but still it took a year for us to jell in. We had no average or mediocre student, every student was either bright or rowdy. It was hectic, not for us but for our teachers. They had to kept us under “control”. Surely it was a dream. We had a class teacher who was fresher in our school. Because our previous class teacher requested the principal to change the section i.e. us. Yeah that was us. The most popular class at that time CLASS 10 B.

I was a kind of student who was bright in the books of teachers and a bully in the books in of classmates. Well, I enjoyed a lot. Because we did everything every student aspires to do once in his lifetime. We literally threw party for our section at 4 different occasions in classroom. If you are an Indian student, you might know the craziness of this thing. Well if I talk about my classmates, they were one of a kind. The bright ones were so bright that they debated on different topics (good ones), with the principal of school. Like they found no match in other sections so they did that. One thing I liked about them is they knew how to stall any period. Like once we didn’t studied social science for a week because they kept the teacher busy in different things. They were that good. Talking about the rowdy ones, they were the best in what they did. For every scam or every fight in school, they used to be the prime suspect. Once a guy from Section A had a brawl with students of other school. My classmates were called. I mean how ridiculous that was. One thing I learned from them was how to keep yourself in domination. They knew things. Like not particularly academic wise but other things. That time I realized that quote of Lord Baelish “knowledge is power”. At our level it surely was.

Talking about my personal experience, I kind of never jelled with the people there. Like I was there but lost in some other world of mine. Thankfully I learned a thing or two and made some good friends. If you ask, who my favourite teacher would be, the answer is none. I kind of found my moment of displeasure with each and every one of them. I find it all cringey, things like favourite teacher, best friends and all. A better reason for the good environment of class was we never hesistated in doing or pointing out things. We fought, we celebrated, we sang, we danced but we did it together. I still regret that I was not able to attend the school during some of its most imp days like picnic. It was the most open minded class I sat in.

As a memory our Hindi teacher gave us a task of creating a magazine, thought we would do it secretly. But by the end, the school knew that we were making a magazine. She was a bit annoyed but at the end it was the best magazine. Like our counterpart Section C also made a magazine but you know we were better. I am saying this not because I am biased but because I knew things about both the sections. It was crazy dude. I was part of the editing team so I knew what things happened and how. We left it on a high note as well. If the rowdy group made us popular, the bright group ensured to score good marks in final results. Most of the students among toppers were from B section. I was among them, yay!! That was the CLASS 10 B.

Signing off, Sayonara !!


A Student aspiring to teach, understand and analyze things with a different perspectives. Welcome to my world where anything is possible (reality).

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A Student aspiring to teach, understand and analyze things with a different perspectives. Welcome to my world where anything is possible (reality).