2 min readMay 9, 2021

The Chemistry of Rasgulla ji and Samosa ji

This blog is going to be about on the most exciting topic for today's generation. For my age, I have seen good amount of romantic relationships to differ which one is good and which one is toxic. And the better kind is when opposite character people interact. It will not propel in all cases but there is a good percentage of propel.

For my own convenience I will refer Rasgulla as Mr R and Samosa as Ms S. Both have contradicting nature. If they were to meet in real, like humans, it would be natural for them to start their note on fight. But like old grannies quote everything has an end. And in this case what comes after the fights is true bond. I know that they are poles apart, one having the sweet nature and the other bitterness. No idea of each other's nature. But this is one of the fundamental rules of nature; that opposites attract.

It would allow both to experience the alien nature. For Mr R its a new world of bitterness and same for Ms S. I'm sure they would have a good relationship because its not some shitty love things they think it glue of their bond. But its the friendship, affection and warmth they find with each other. The glue here is the sense of comfort.

Talking about shitty love things, I have people doing crazy things for their last and affection, thinking its their true love. Dude, wake up, everything has an expiry date. Any old couple doesn't have any love between them but the sense of comfort they find in each other. You'll never see them doing crazy things like we do in our teenage years.

These 2 or 3 factors are determining ones in a relationship, and for me Mr R and Ms S would be the best couple. Do find time to comment your thoughts here. Signing off!


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