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When I look back at my childhood, perhaps the best entertainment for me was Cartoons. Ben 10, Shin Chan, Doraemon, Ninja Hattori, Tom and Jerry; the best among the best. I feel sorry for today’s generation as they’ll never understand the craze of vintage version of these cartoons. These cartoons had such an impact that I found or say learned my jolly nature from them. No time restriction was perhaps one of the best things.

I would come back from school, change my dress and get glued to television. There was a schedule for every cartoon so it was easy to follow. Most of them were broadcasted during afternoon on different channels. Hence my hands were occupied. Switching between every channel every 10 mins. The craziest part was watching Power Rangers.

I would literally imagine an alien attack on school and how would I run during free time in school. Yeah I’m not the type of saviour-hero type guy. I would practice "kung-fu" at home and try to imitate their morphing style. Because of my "kung-fu" practice I broke a lot of things, later my father would break me (just kidding). There was a phase where I considered myself to be Jerry and my sister to be Tom. I fought with her everyday, and almost every time. She is four years elder to me, I do not know without cheating how she managed to pass her exams considering the amount of nuisance I would create.

There was another phase where I copied a line or two from Shin Chan cartoon in real life. There are two particular incidents that I remember. First, when I went shopping with my mother. I sneaked away quietly while she was busy looking for things. Few moments later I returned, and complained about a man who was asking for money for the ice cream I was enjoying.

The other is not a particular incident but a habit that I developed. Whenever I used to get scold, I would pull a little smile and say "don’t compliment me, I’m not that special". It was this moment that my family realized that I need to stop watching cartoons. And thankfully I did.

To this day, my favourite cartoons are Shin Chan and Tom and Jerry. Any day, any time. Do share your favourite cartoon and related memories with me.


Signing off, Sayonara!


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