2 min readMay 6, 2021


Let’s see for me it means a lot of things. It simply justifies the mistake I committed in my teenage years. Whether it be the pranks and things parents told me or the story related to my first crush. In both cases the so called logic or rationalizing the things died for a good cause.

First talking about my childhood I still remember how easily I was fooled by my elders. Whenever I hit on a hard surface and had contusion at some part of body; they would hit that hard surface in order to console me. Another day I was whining about drinking milk. So my mom told if I don’t drink it, I’ll become a cat in next birth. #Indianparentsrock.

I remember I was crying for God damn reason I don’t remember. And here comes dad in his coolest mood. He came with my sisters and started cracking jokes with gigantic laughter. I was like have these guys gone mad or what but now I understand the significance of it.

Secondly, coming to the school days crush, there was only one. I mean I committed so many shenanigans related to it that I find it hard to pick one. So there was this girl intelligent, pretty, and one of my good friends. The problem was not that I had crush on her, the problem was my classmates knew this. She was from different section, and social media at that time was still a dream. Considering I got minimal time to chat or say hangout with her. Whenever she came in our class or passed it, boys were like calling my name and girls were acting to cough.

Another day me and her were having a good time. Later my "PhD" holder friend came and said that 'bro she’s totally into you.' I’m like how, how do you know this. He said and I quote: "she’s laughing at your jokes."

Lame, right!! I know, but we were in 8th standard at that time. We found it very logical that time. Hence Khwaab Saa Logic.


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