1 min readMay 1, 2021

Age of Universe

It has always been a topic for discussion that what is the actual age of universe. Many studies show that it is approximately a billion years old. But here comes the twist (turn on imagination caps).

Now consider the time at the Centre of our Galaxy and that of Earth as a third body reference. You might acknowledge that the time spent is equal on both bodies is equal. But in actual its not true. The time spent on the planet Earth is way greater than Centre of Galaxy.

Bamboozled, how is this even possible. Let me explain, this is explained by Einstein’s theory of Relativity. In layman’s terms it states that heavier masses has lower time rate compared to lighter masses. And the mass of Centre is a million billion times greater than our Earth. So it might be even possible that billion years on Earth is actually a few days or hours on Centre. Overall our planet might not be a part of an old granny.

I’ve deduced this hypothesis on sheer basis on my imagination, I’ve no way to prove it right. Even if I’m able to prove it mathematically, I dont see how it helps anybody in achieving anything. Yet I’m glad my home planet isn’t a part of something so ancient.


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